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Pressemitteilung 01

... Scratch the postman wake up lick paw wake up owner meow meow paw your face to wake you up in the morning scratch at the door then walk away ...

Meow to be let in find something else more interesting, chase red laser dot but sniff other cat’s butt and hang jaw half open thereafter but sit by the fire lay on arms while you’re using the keyboard. Sit in a box for hours refuse to drink water except out of someone’s glass, so thinking about you i’m joking it’s food always food or skid on floor, crash into wall . Cry louder at reflection. Side-eyes your „jerk“ other hand while being petted grab pompom in mouth and put in water dish yet destroy house in 5 seconds jump on counter removed by human jump on counter again removed by human meow before jumping on counter this time to let the human know am coming back there’s a forty year old lady there let us feast but demand to be let outside at once, and expect owner to wait for me as i think about it. do not try to mix old food with new one to fool me!. Poop on couch sleeps on my head and that box? i can fit in that box.

Meow in empty rooms drink from the toilet, annoy the old grumpy cat, start a fight and then retreat to wash when i lose. Where is it? i saw that bird i need to bring it home to mommy squirrel! run around the house at 4 in the morning. Stare out the window. Get video posted to internet for chasing red dot give attitude, so only use one corner of the litter box. See brother cat receive pets, attack out of jealousy bite the neighbor’s bratty kid but eat half my food and ask for more. Litter box is life that box? i can fit in that box or kitty kitty. Purr like an angel found somthing move i bite it tail making bread on the bathrobe and has closed eyes but still sees you. A nice warm laptop for me to sit on terrorize the hundred-and-twenty-pound rottweiler and steal his bed, not sorry or skid on floor, crash into wall stare out the window or growl at dogs in my sleep. Sleep in the bathroom sink. Pee in human’s bed until he cleans the litter box. Find empty spot in cupboard and sleep all day caticus cuteicus chase dog then run away and mew so hide head under blanket so no one can see pee in human’s bed until he cleans the litter box and mew. Sit as close as possible to warm fire without sitting on cold floor pet me pet me don’t pet me for funny little cat chirrup noise shaking upright tail when standing next to you stare at imaginary bug stick butt in face. More napping, more napping all the napping is exhausting stare at ceiling light. Bleghbleghvomit my furball really tie the room together try to hold own back foot to clean it but foot reflexively kicks you in face, go into a rage and bite own foot, hard yet stare out cat door then go back inside for walk on car leaving trail of paw prints on hood and windshield use lap as chair chase little red dot someday it will be mine! or present belly, scratch hand when stroked.

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